Sunday, July 16, 2006


As said before it has arrived with a vengeance, especially in the walk in greenhouse , there are 4 varieties in there and the Sungold and Gardeners Delight have taken a beating. I have stripped the leaves from them to try and slow but not sure if it will make much difference.

What makes me feel more uneasy is that it has got into the stems of the plants:

I have removed one plant totally and am tempted to do the same to the other Sungold soon.

Funny though, the outdoor tomatoes are not faring so badly and the spray seems to be working…..famous last words!!!

On the potato front things are not as bad as I thought. The Ratte are a right off but the second earlies have formed good tuber and the foliage, though slightly effected for blight, is dying back as normal. I will strip the foliage this week and leave the spuds in the ground for a couple of weeks.

The Arran Victory though is showing signs of infection but it is not getting any worse at the moment:

Trouble is, this is a late maturing variety so I really need it to get a few more weeks under it’s belt before I remove the foliage, bit of a gamble!!!

But it is not all doom and gloom, the sweet corn is busy flowering away and there are plenty of silks and cobs!

I have the smallest Aubergine……

And I am sure this was not there last night when I looked!!!

I fear we are about to sink under a wave of various courgettes.

Beetroot are great at the moment, very sweet and lovely baked in the oven and drizzled with walnut oil when still warm:

First Earlies are still going on very well and will feed us for a few weeks yet, this is Foremost:

I have Mimi ready now as well.

Carrots, my daughter is now happy as we have plenty, she more than content to munch on a raw carrot which is excellent:

And we are now picking black currents, filled this bowl this morning but needed another, will have to pop back later:

And despite the blight I am picking toms.


And the first Ferline, not huge but ready and perfect!

So, not all good news and not all bad news either, typical gardening really then!



Blogger Emma Jane said...

Shame about the blight Jerry. Fingers crossed you get some fruits from your toms. I lost every single one the first year on my allotment. Now I always grow a couple at home in the greenhouse - just in case!!

Emma Jane

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

Hi Jerry
In my bid for more beetroot recipes (as like you I’m busy harvesting it at the moment) could you tell me ... do you boil the beetroot before you put it in the oven?

4:16 PM  
Blogger sandersj89 said...

Hi Greenhouse Girl, no simply pull the leaves of, give it a scrub and then wrap in foil and pp into a medium to hot oven until you can easily puch a skewer through it so you know it is cooked. Very nice indeed!


9:46 PM  

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