Sunday, May 15, 2005

Work Moves On

The weekend did not look like a huge gardening opportunity, what with an iffy weather forecast and a full social calendar but in fact it turned out very well on Sunday at Plot 2.

No new digging but a row of “Gladiator” Parsnip sowed in a compost drill went in soon to be followed by Calabrese (Trixie), Sprouts (Trafalgar and Peer Gynt), Cauliflower (White Excel), Cabbage (January King), Dwarf Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli. These had all been sown back in Jan/Feb in root trainers and look very good when transplanted.

After sowing they were all netted against pigeon and butterfly attack. Cabbage root fly collars were also placed around the stems!

As I have already said, both the kids have a section of the allotment as their own. Today we went to the garden centre to let them choose some seeds to sow. Benjamin decided on some peas and some corn flowers, Belinda on carrots and poppies. After a trip to Lindfield park we left for home via the allotment so they could sow their seeds, lots of fighting over the watering can but all seeds sown. (Just hope they come up!!!!!)

I must say though, the ground is very very dry at the moment. The lack of rain coupled with a steady breeze and reasonable temps in the day means the soil is drying out a pace.

Roll on some decent rain fall!!!!!



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