Thursday, May 12, 2005

The starting point.

Here is the new allotment, I call it site two but in fact it is Plot 5A.

This view is looking north, the plot runs from the yellow post to the shed:

This is the shed, small but ideal for my needs. I have also inherited a small double compost bin and an open shelter to store canes and other bits and bobs:

This view is looking south, again the plot ends just before the bean canes. My original plot is just visible in the distance close the the oak trees at the edge of the site, the blue water butt is at the northern end of my old plot which I still manage:

As you can see the ground has been left in very very good condition. This is a close up of the ground before and after a rough dig:

Little or no surface weeds and just a few dandelion roots to worry about as I dig. I am about half way through the plot as of today, the rest should be cleared by the end of the weekend, weather permitting.

Planting plans for this allotment are flowers, (Anemone, Sunflower, Aster, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum) and veg, (selection of brassica, some root crops, tomatoes, butternut squash)

I want to rig up a water butt to be fed from the shed roof and a bench will be added in honour of the previous tenant.

I am still very please with the plot, the soil is in good condition and there seems to be a very low weed load.



Blogger Mrs. G. said...

Good Start Sanders. I might be picking your brain for tips on How to Blogg. As for the gardening, I'm just so impressed, I will put up my pictures in my usual slow laborious fashion, but yours intimidate me.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Clive Scoggins said...

Fine pictures, it looks like you've got a fantastic plot there. Good luck with it, and with the Blog!

8:41 AM  

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