Monday, May 23, 2005

Rain at last

I must be mad making a comment like "Rain at last" so early in the year but we finally got some decent rain over the last week. We still could do with some more but think that may be it for a week or so.

I managed a little digging at the weekend and I also transplanted a couple of rows of French beans, one Kinghorn Wax and the other the name of which escapes me at the moment. These were all grown in root trainers and should be fine as forecasts say no frosts for a week at least.

I also transplanted two rows of chrysanthemum cuttings. These came from my parent stock over wintered. Cuttings taken in February and brought on in a cold frame. They do have a touch of white rust but this is about under control now fingers crossed.

In the kids garden the peas Benjamin sowed have started to germinate but Belinda’s carrots are not due to show their heads just yet. The fleece is in place already though against the fly.

The plans this week are to complete the digging and if the long range forecast continues to show fair weather I will be planting out a couple of rows of Dahlias, Pompom and Cactus types to be followed by sweet corn. This should see the plot just about full for this season.


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