Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Frantic activity

This weekend saw a lot of activity at the plots in preparation for a few days away. The aim is to clear out the cold frames at home of as much stuff as possible and get it into the ground.

So, the plot is now fully dug over. The parsnips sown a couple of weeks ago have germinated as have Belinda’s carrots. These have been fleeced against carrot fly.

The French beans have suffered a little from the attention of the pigeons but most will be OK I hope. Back ups have been sown and are just about to germinate.

So what have I planted out? Well the list runs to: Sweetcorn, Borlotta Beans, Tomatoes (Alicante, Ferline, Sungold, San Marzona), Sprouts, Caulis, Mini Sunflowers and Anenome. There is still a little room on the plot and these will be filled with sone salad crops I expect.

We have had some decent rain over the last few days so the soil is nice and moist so all should be OK for a few days with out my attention.

Now, where is the Radox?


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