Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Frantic activity

This weekend saw a lot of activity at the plots in preparation for a few days away. The aim is to clear out the cold frames at home of as much stuff as possible and get it into the ground.

So, the plot is now fully dug over. The parsnips sown a couple of weeks ago have germinated as have Belinda’s carrots. These have been fleeced against carrot fly.

The French beans have suffered a little from the attention of the pigeons but most will be OK I hope. Back ups have been sown and are just about to germinate.

So what have I planted out? Well the list runs to: Sweetcorn, Borlotta Beans, Tomatoes (Alicante, Ferline, Sungold, San Marzona), Sprouts, Caulis, Mini Sunflowers and Anenome. There is still a little room on the plot and these will be filled with sone salad crops I expect.

We have had some decent rain over the last few days so the soil is nice and moist so all should be OK for a few days with out my attention.

Now, where is the Radox?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Rain at last

I must be mad making a comment like "Rain at last" so early in the year but we finally got some decent rain over the last week. We still could do with some more but think that may be it for a week or so.

I managed a little digging at the weekend and I also transplanted a couple of rows of French beans, one Kinghorn Wax and the other the name of which escapes me at the moment. These were all grown in root trainers and should be fine as forecasts say no frosts for a week at least.

I also transplanted two rows of chrysanthemum cuttings. These came from my parent stock over wintered. Cuttings taken in February and brought on in a cold frame. They do have a touch of white rust but this is about under control now fingers crossed.

In the kids garden the peas Benjamin sowed have started to germinate but Belinda’s carrots are not due to show their heads just yet. The fleece is in place already though against the fly.

The plans this week are to complete the digging and if the long range forecast continues to show fair weather I will be planting out a couple of rows of Dahlias, Pompom and Cactus types to be followed by sweet corn. This should see the plot just about full for this season.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Work Moves On

The weekend did not look like a huge gardening opportunity, what with an iffy weather forecast and a full social calendar but in fact it turned out very well on Sunday at Plot 2.

No new digging but a row of “Gladiator” Parsnip sowed in a compost drill went in soon to be followed by Calabrese (Trixie), Sprouts (Trafalgar and Peer Gynt), Cauliflower (White Excel), Cabbage (January King), Dwarf Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli. These had all been sown back in Jan/Feb in root trainers and look very good when transplanted.

After sowing they were all netted against pigeon and butterfly attack. Cabbage root fly collars were also placed around the stems!

As I have already said, both the kids have a section of the allotment as their own. Today we went to the garden centre to let them choose some seeds to sow. Benjamin decided on some peas and some corn flowers, Belinda on carrots and poppies. After a trip to Lindfield park we left for home via the allotment so they could sow their seeds, lots of fighting over the watering can but all seeds sown. (Just hope they come up!!!!!)

I must say though, the ground is very very dry at the moment. The lack of rain coupled with a steady breeze and reasonable temps in the day means the soil is drying out a pace.

Roll on some decent rain fall!!!!!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

The starting point.

Here is the new allotment, I call it site two but in fact it is Plot 5A.

This view is looking north, the plot runs from the yellow post to the shed:

This is the shed, small but ideal for my needs. I have also inherited a small double compost bin and an open shelter to store canes and other bits and bobs:

This view is looking south, again the plot ends just before the bean canes. My original plot is just visible in the distance close the the oak trees at the edge of the site, the blue water butt is at the northern end of my old plot which I still manage:

As you can see the ground has been left in very very good condition. This is a close up of the ground before and after a rough dig:

Little or no surface weeds and just a few dandelion roots to worry about as I dig. I am about half way through the plot as of today, the rest should be cleared by the end of the weekend, weather permitting.

Planting plans for this allotment are flowers, (Anemone, Sunflower, Aster, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum) and veg, (selection of brassica, some root crops, tomatoes, butternut squash)

I want to rig up a water butt to be fed from the shed roof and a bench will be added in honour of the previous tenant.

I am still very please with the plot, the soil is in good condition and there seems to be a very low weed load.


Allotment Gardening and More

This is going to be a record of how my new allotment develops over the coming months/years.

I have held an allotment for just over 12 months after gardening at home for a number of years and requiring more space. In May 2005 I have taken a second, half allotment, to supplement my growing space.

This second plot was under continuous management by a single couple for some 48 years. They have left it in immaculate condition and I feel honoured the site committee allowed such a new comer to take it on and continue it’s development. If I make it 48 years I will be pushing 90!!!